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  • Is it legal to home school my children?
    • Yes, a home school is considered a private school under Texas law.
      Additional information is available at the Texas Home School Coalition
      page "Is it Legal".
  • Do I have to have a teaching degree to home school?
    • No, there is no teaching degree or certificate required.
      Additional reading on this subject is provided at the Home School Legal
      Defense Association in an article entitled "The Myth of Teacher Qualifications"or
      in the FAQ section in the About section of HSLDA's website.  This is also written up at The Homeschool Advocate website as a myth of homeshooling.
  • Do I have to do progress reports to the state of Texas?
    • No, The state of Texas does not require that progress reports be turned in to anyone. The court case that established the rights of homeschoolers does state; however, you must pursue a curriculum in a bona fide, not a sham, manner. There is a good deal more reading on this at the Texas Home School Coalition website in the Homeschooling in Texas section.
  • My child was/is in public school, do I have to notify the school that I am withdrawing my child?
    • Yes, you will need to provide a written withdrawal notice to the school district
      superintendent or school principal. More information is provided at the Texas
      Home School Coalition web site regarding How to Begin.
  • Does my child have to take the Texas Education Agency tests?
    • No, a home school is considered a private school under Texas law.
  • Will my children be sheltered from other child and become antisocial?
    • No, there is plenty of opportunity for your child to interact with other children
      and adults.  The Home School Advocate website provides some additional
      reading that debunks this myth of Anti Social behavior amongst homeschoolers.
      Even students in Public schools can develop anti social behavior.
  • Will I be successful?
    • The probability is very good. You are the most motivated person about your child’s education success. If you have been coaching your child in how to do their homework then you have already taken a step toward home schooling.  If you have not read the Home School Advocate page regarding "Parent's Aren't Qualified to Teach Their Children" we strongly recommend it.
  • Is homeschooling for everybody?

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